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Our 10 year anniversary

Click to see an advertorial that was placed in the Shropshire Star to announce our 10th year of Advanced Riding Training

SAPAR Lady Riders

The ladies of Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders (SAPAR) met at Montford Bridge cafe to promote safe riding. In the U.K women are taking up motorcycle riding in record numbers, there are at present 525,000 female full licence holders. Stuart McMillan, chief training officer and formally a Police motorcycle instructor, explained that the group is affiliated to RoSPA and the ladies make up 10% of their members.

Stuart’s wife Sally has been riding at intervals since she passed her test in 1980 has achieved a RoSPA silver pass grade. ‘SAPAR is great for the social side, good company, safe riding with like minded people to talk to at coffee stops and lunch’ she said. Another female member, Sharon Jones, has been riding a motorcycle since the mid 1980’s but began to question whether or not her skills were up to speed. ‘I researched local advanced riding groups and chose SAPAR because of the RoSPA three yearly re-test requirement which constantly refreshes your knowledge and riding skills’.

SAPARS most recent female recruit, Tina Kelly, only passed her full motorcycle test twelve months ago. She also wanted to improve her confidence and riding skills and began training with SAPAR over the summer months and has recently passed her RoSPA test in October. She also rode around Europe for two weeks in the Summer negotiating some of the highest passes and had letter of the month featured in 'Ride Magazine'.

Marian Versluijs, SAPARs only female tutor, has been helping riders to prepare for their RoSPA test for the past six years. she explained ‘I often wonder what the students think when they find out I am a female. If they have any reservations they tend to get over them in the first few minutes’.

The aim of SAPAR is to reduce motorcycle accidents by encouraging an interest in road safety and improving riding standards, knowledge and skill. The group provide free one to one tutoring in order to prepare associates for the ultimate RoSPA advanced motorcycle test which is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public. In addition to providing motorcycle tuition to an advanced level, with approximately 100 members from all over Shropshire and Powys, SAPAR also has a thriving social side. On the first Sunday of each month members and guests meet for an organised ride out and on the fourth Wednesday of each month meet for a social evening which in the summer months could include a ride, barbecue and the occasional charity event whilst in the winter months members tend to meet at a local hostelry for bike related talks, films and presentations. SAPAR are constantly recruiting new members, both male and female.

If you want to become an advanced rider and meet new friends with a common interest please browse the Assessments page for further information.

Article courtesy of Kevin Fletcher (Publicity Officer)

Photographs by Ken Swinton & Frieda Hughes



Vehicle Tax Disc Changes

New road fund licence laws came into effect on October 1st 2014.

Despite no longer needing to display a tax disc, you will still need to pay for your road fund licence to keep a bike or car on the road. Reminders will still be sent by the DVLA.

Payments can be made by debit or credit card, or through your local post office, (a £2.50 charge will be levied if using a credit card). From November 1st you will also be able to pay by Direct Debit so long as the vehicle has a current MOT.

Important changes:

If you sell a vehicle the vehicle tax can no longer be transferred. When you notify the DVLA of the sale you will receive a refund of any remaining whole months tax. The new owner will have to purchase their own tax for the vehicle starting from the beginning of the month during which the vehicle was purchased. The authorities will check that your vehicle is taxed using ANPR technology.

Should you purchase a vehicle out of hours you can purchase vehicle tax by phone on 03001234321 or check their web site for more details.


SAPAR Members FBOS Course

Twenty SAPAR members both riders and pillions attended this course at Rhyl Fire station.
The course was presented by two trainers from Medic Skills Training and covered a range of topics from helmet removal to how to safely move a victim and basic lifesaving measures.

Members comments:
Howard Hughes - Well, having just arrived home from the First Bike on Scene (FBOS) course in Rhyl I think that I can say for all that attended "what a fantastically useful, informative and fun day.".

 Geoff Goode - Totally agree.  Thought it was well worth the time and well presented. I may not feel totally confident but I do feel more confident, and it is probably one of those things that kick in when the skills are required.

Mark and Rach Bennett - Fantastic day even though Rach spent more time rolling around the floor than in her seat. Went home and gave the kids some instruction in helmet removal. Thank you for organising such a useful training say that was a great day out.

Gary Santry - Many thanks to Marion for organising the FBoS course on Sunday. If you haven't been on one of these, I thouroughly recommend it!

Tada - As a teacher, I was impressed how the whole talk was carefully planned. If you put things in straight order the whole lecture could have been much more bland, but there where unexpected little twists here and there along with good humour, which kept our interest at high level all day. Spicy comments by the trainers grabbed my attention as they were so powerful. We, learners were always involved. A big thank you to the trainers. If Ofsted observed the talk, it should have been graded as "outstanding".

Is your bike ready for winter?

  • Before - Plenty of road grime and mud
  • During - Nothing beats a good lather
  • After - Better than new showroom finish
  • Bikes queuing for the treatment
  • Happy bikers
  • More happy bikers

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