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Photo Gallery 2015

Rideout 1st March 2015

Well done Mike for a well organised rideout, a good first attempt, a bit more work on the weather next time please. 22 riders set off from Montford Picnic Area in bright sunshine and a cold wind. Coffee break at the Ponderosa was in rain and higher winds. The journey over the Denbigh moors involved sleet and even higher winds.The Rhug cafe at Corwen was a welcome sight and most of the riders had had enough wet and wind (88mls). Well done Mike, Bob will have you on his very short list of ride leaders

Ride Leader - Mike Jones

Tail End Charlie - Glyn Jones

No Pictures for this event

Rideout 5th April 2015

Now that Easter is upon us and the hope for better weather we were not dissapointed. After a damp and dull start the sun finally burnt it's way through the cloud and we were treated to a spectacular day in the Welsh hills. Bob our ride leader led us along some glorius roads via Minsterley and Clun then on to the Elan Valley for a brief stop. The mountain road across to Devils Bridge was truly magnificent with the bright sunlite creating amazing views of the surrounding hills.

Ride Leader - Bob Hayes

Tail End Charlie - Glyn Jones

Watch YouTube video of the section between Elan Valley and Devils Bridge (Go to video)

Rideout 3rd May 2015

We left Montford Bridge as a group of 13 bikes, a few new people to the drop off system which was explained before leaving. First stop was the Cafe at Crossgates, where we had the leader and the back marker but was missing a number of bikes. We had managed to loose 6 bikes, it turns out they had followed the marker from another group and went up a farm track. They joined us about 10 minutes later. From the cafe, Simon and his wife went home and Stuart and Pat joined us. We then went up over the ranges to Llandovery and the West End Cafe, there were lots of bikes out and about all following the same drop off system so we did well not to loose any others. We then went through Builth Wells to Dom's Bike Stop at Leominister, if you haven't visited there before drop in one day as there is always a warm welcome and some unusual food on offer. Weather was kind, apart from the low cloud over the top of the ranges, the riders went their separate ways from Leominster. A pleasant ride out covering 187 miles in total.

Ride Leader - Richard Mills

Tail End Charlie - Glyn Jones

Rideout 7th June 2015

20 bikes and riders left Montford Bridge picnic area for another fun day in the welsh hills.

The following files are available for download: (Courtesy of Jan James)

Ride Leaders - Dave Ryan & Jan James

Tail End Charlie - Glyn Jones

Rideout 5th July 2015

This months rideout was quite literally a washout. The day started very well with clear blue skies and dry sweeping roads. Having travelled over the Berwyns into Wales and reaching the first leg stretch at the railway station located at the far end of Llyn Tegid (Lake Bala) we learned that a motorcyclist, not in our group, had overshot a bend and had come to grief at the side of the road. Fortunately half of our group, many of who had undertaken the 'First Bike On Scene' course were able to assist in making the rider more comfortable and managing the traffic to avoid any further problems. Eventually having ridden through torrential rain to the lunch stop at Llyn Brenig visitor centre it was decided that the ride should be cut short in order for the group to return home and dry out before trench foot set in. There limits to the waterproofing capabilities of motorcycle clothing and Wales can find them.

Ride Leader - Ken Swinton

Tail End Charlie - Bob Hayes

Photographs contributed by: Marion Versluijs, Bill Croxon & Ken Swinton

Rideout 2nd August

This month's ride led by Marion Versluijs took us through some very scenic routes to the Kite Feeding centre at Gigrin Farm. A hide was provided and the group enjoyed the opportunity to see so many birds of prey and a cheeky peacock or four plus a cat stealing the Kite's food. A thoroughly enjoyable day with good roads and weather.

Ride Leader - Marion Versluijs

Tail end Charlie -Glyn Jones

Photographs by Marion Versluijs & Ken Swinton

Rideout 6th September

This months ride went in a different direction from the norm. In a bid to remind us all that other counties have decent roads we headed into Worcestershire to the village of Broadway where we inspected the Broadway Tower. Mostly from a distance it must be said. The lure from our point of view was a nice watering hole and plenty of parking spaces, until we arrived that is. The weather was extremely good, not much for the time of year but considering recent downpours it was exceptional.

Ride leader - Stuart and Sally McMillan

Tail end Charlie - Glyn Jones

Photographs by Jan James

Rideout 4th October

Octobers ride took place in brilliant sunshine and without the fog which had plagued road users for the previous few days. Richard led from the Montford Bridge picnic area over Denbigh Moor towards Bala and a promised coffee stop. As we neared Bala and thinking of a reviving cup of freshly ground coffee I was somewhat disappointed that we turned sharply right just as the ever pervading smell of fresh Columbian entered my nostrils. A little disappointed we continued through the twisties and soon Rhug cafe was in site. Again the aroma of fresh coffee and bacon baps aroused my senses only to be dashed as Richard continued onwards deeper into Wales. Eventually we made a stop at a little know rest area called Route 66 where we partook of the amber nectar.

Being suitably refreshed and topped up with both caffeine and petrol we journeyed onwards through roads that I thought I knew but clearly, as the ride progressed soon realised that I had no clue where we were. I commended myself on having the foresight to bring my sat nav with me as at least one of us would know how to get me home should I lose the group.

Soon though we were, along with several hundreds of other bikers ensconced in the Ponderosa, yes you've guessed it for lunch and more importantly COFFEE.
Being suitably refreshed and rested we bimbled through towards Wrexham, diverting back to Bicton where the ride ended and the AGM began.
Well done Richard on leading a splendid ride.

Ride Leader - Richard Mills

Tail End Charlie - Glyn Jones

Rideout 1st November

This months ride had a turnout of around 20 bikes which given the conditions was amazing. The morning started with a heavy band of fog reducing visibility to around 20 metres in places. However these sturdy riders made it to the Montford Bridge picnic area mainly drawn to the aroma of bacon butties and coffee. The start was moved to 11 o'clock in order to give the fog extra time to clear.

Finally we were on our way towards Condover, Acton Burnell, and, as the sun began to shine, into Church Stretton. From here we ventured over the Long Mynd towards The Bog, a not too pleasant name for a beautiful place with the hills eerily shrouded in mist. Having stopped at a hostelry for refreshments the group continued through Harmer Hill towards Whitchurch for yet another coffee stop at Lynns Raven cafe. From here the group continued homewards to Shrewsbury.

Ride Leader - Mike Jones

Tail End Charlie - Glyn Jones (No relation)

Photographs courtesy of David Lawson