Membership Application Form

Do you want your riding to be Smarter, Smoother and Safer?

Please read this important information

The application form only gathers details that are relevant to SaPAR. We do not hold bank details so you have no fears that we could sell on your important details.
The Application form (see below) is set into 5 sections which gathers information about you, your membership requirements and payment methods. It also seeks to confirm that you understand our privacy policy and are happy for us to communicate with you as required.
Your membership subscriptions will be taken annually through GoCardless who will remind you when your renewal is due for payment. Should you cease to be a member of SaPAR then this process will be cancelled. It is important to click the GoCardless button (before you ‘Submit’ the form) which will open a popup form where you will be required to enter your bank details for the Direct Debit. Remember to exit out of this PopUp.
There is also a button to link to our privacy document, please take a few minutes to read and understand this then click to agree the T&C’s and when you are happy with the process click the Submit button.
Once the form has been received by our Membership Secretary and payment has been confirmed you will receive confirmation of your membership.
Should you have any difficulties, or wish to discuss any aspect of joining us please contact us by email on
Since SaPAR is an advanced riding group it is a requirement that members will actively seek to train for and pass their Advanced Riding test. As such SaPAR reserve the right not to renew membership for any associate member who has not taken up training for the test within 12 months.