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Assessment Information

Sapar tutors assessment day at Shrewsbury Honda Centre
Would you like a free, unbiased assessment of your riding skills, why wouldn’t you?
Our next assessment day is being planned, please watch this space for further information or if you would like to be reminded when it is happening then please use the Contact Form, leave us your details and we will be in touch with the details.

SaPAR generally hold a public assessment day at least once a year, more if there is enough interest. Assessments are completely free, there are no hidden charges. Assessments should take approximately 1 hour including a pre ride briefing and post ride debrief.
Along with your roadworthy motorcycle, you will need to bring your driving licence and sign a disclaimer before the assessed ride commences.
In addition to your bringing your licence you will also need to complete an eyesight test. You must be able to read (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) a car number plate made after 1st September 2001 from 20 metres.

Eligibility – Assessment Days are open to full licence holders with category A1, A2 and A entitlement.
SaPAR Assessment day at Montford bridge picnic area

To enquire about, or to arrange an assessment use the Contact Form and send your details and requirements.