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Welcome to Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders

Advanced Motorcycle Training in Shropshire starts by joining a motorcycle riding group such as Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders who can provide numerous benefits to improve your riding skills, including:

  • Improved safety: Advanced riders are trained to ride safely and defensively on the road. By learning and applying their techniques, you can reduce your risk of accidents and injuries while riding.
  • Increased confidence: Riding with a group can boost your confidence and help you overcome any fears or doubts you may have about riding. You can learn from experienced riders and receive feedback on your technique.
  • Networking opportunities: Riding with a group provides an opportunity to meet other riders who share your passion for motorcycles. You can make new friends, share tips and experiences, and join group rides.
  • Professional training: Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders offer advanced motorcycle training programs designed to improve your riding skills. You can learn advanced techniques, such as cornering, braking, and acceleration, from professional instructors.
  • Fun and camaraderie: Joining a group can make your riding experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. You can explore new roads and routes, participate in group events, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Why choose SaPAR for your Advanced Motorcycle Training?

Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders are your first choice for advanced motorcycle training in Shropshire and surrounding areas. The aim of Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders (SaPAR) is to reduce motorcycle accidents by encouraging an interest in road safety, improving riding standards, knowledge and skill. In order to do this SaPAR will provide tutoring to help you improve your riding skills and prepare you to take the ultimate Advanced Riding Test. We endeavour to help anyone who is interested, to improve the standard of their motorcycle riding.
An Advanced Rider is equipped with the knowledge and skill to ride safely and effectively in all conditions.
Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders are affiliated to both RoSPA and BMF, each provide additional support and benefits to riders, and our prime objective is ensuring that high standards of riding skills can be achieved helping you to remain safe when riding your machines on today’s busy and often hazardous roads. Why not consider us for your Advanced motorcycle training in Shropshire.
See our new FAQ’s page for more information.

The Glyn Jones Award

Following the sad passing of one of our members in July 2019 it was decided to create an award that could be given annually for a period of time to commemorate his commitment to the group and that this would be awarded to a member who, in the opinion of the committee and members votes has contributed positively to the group and it’s achievements over the previous year.
Glyn was a tutor, giving his time and experience freely to associate members and also our Tail End Charlie for the rideouts, keeping the group together for the most part.

The 2023 prize has been awarded to Bill Croxon who has been a past chairman and remains a Senior tutor for the group. Bill has for many years supported SaPAR in his committee and tutoring roles and is supportive of our monthly rideouts.

Would you like to pass your skills on to fellow motorcyclists?

If so and you currently hold a silver or gold RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test Pass then you have the credentials to potentially become a SaPAR group tutor.
If you are interested in becoming a SaPAR tutor please get in touch with:
Kevin Fletcher
Training Officer
([email protected])