About SaPAR
Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders are your first choice for advanced motorcycle training in Shropshire and surrounding areas. The aim of Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders (SaPAR) is to reduce motorcycle accidents by encouraging an interest in road safety, and improving riding standards, knowledge and skill. In order to do this SaPAR will provide tutoring to help you improve your riding skills and prepare you to take the ultimate Advanced Riding Test. We endeavour to help anyone who is interested, to improve the standard of their motorcycle riding.
An Advanced Rider is equipped with the knowledge and skill to ride safely and effectively in all conditions.

SaPAR is affiliated to RoSPA and BMF both of which provide additional support and benefits to riders, and our prime objective is ensuring that high standards of riding skills can be achieved helping you to remain safe when riding your machines on today’s busy and often hazardous roads. Why not consider us for your Advanced motorcycle training in Shropshire.

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Latest information from RoSPA
The following text has been taken from this months ‘Care On The Road’ magazine from RoSPA.

‘We are advising against group ride-outs in England until at least April 12th when more restrictions are due to ease further. From May 17th people should be able to meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors, or of up to 6 indoors, representing another opportunity for group activities to resume, although we understand that social distancing could still be required. From June 21st with all legal limits on social contact due to be removed, we anticipate that all group activities will be able to take place without restriction. However, these dates are subject to change.’

The information above reflects the legal situation. As previously announced, SaPAR tutors like most other members have been affected by the lockdown and will, in advance of resuming tutoring spend time getting back in the saddle as it were. When we are ready to resume tutoring we will be in touch but hope this to be fully operational around the beginning of May.