Route Library
A selection of routes that can be used by anyone. If you have any favourite routes that are not shown below please send them to [email protected] with a description, the more the merrier. The routes shown below are created using ‘MyRouteApp’ which is a free on line application from where you can create new, or open existing routes, edit them and then download to your Sat Nav using the FREE ‘Connector’ software. Full information and guidance is available on the site. If you have difficulties please contact me using the email address above. Click on any route image to open in ‘MyRoute-App’

If you use any of the routes listed here please check that the route is correct for your Sat Nav device. Also, and importantly, you may wish to avoid unnecessary detours by finding your Recalibration Mode in the Navigation section of your Sat Nav settings and setting it to ‘Off’.
Remember to reset this mode for general usage afterwards.

Available Routes


Approx time without stops
Crossgates Round Trip

124 miles

5Hrs 30 inc stops

160 miles
3hrs 50mins

Dilwyn - Herefordshire

145 miles
3hrs 25 mins


164 miles
4hrs 20 mins

Carsington Water

155 miles
4hrs 30 mins

Devils Bridge

140 miles
3hrs 40 min


135 miles
3hrs 25 min


166 miles
4hrs 40 min

The Welsh Lakes

135 miles
3hrs 30 min


155 miles
4hrs 00 min

The above are just a selection of routes that can be used by anyone not just SaPAR members.

Click and drag to expand the map. Numbered circles open lists of pre-planned routes on My Route App