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Membership Information

Membership is available to any rider with a full motorcycle licence. If you are riding with an A2 licence then your bike must conform to all of the A2 restrictions regarding power output and power to weight ratio. You and your bike must be able to keep up with traffic and to maintain the speed limit appropriate to the road being ridden. Your test result could be affected if you cannot maintain speed limits where appropriate and safe to do so.
The various categories of membership are detailed on this page but if you have any questions please contact the Membership Secretary using the Contact Form.
Membership can also be gifted to a friend or family member. Visit the Gift Voucher page for more details.

How Membership Works
Membership can seem confusing at first so let me explain. If you join SaPAR as an associate member, that is one with no advanced qualifications, you are joining SaPAR only. As an associate member you have access to the associated benefits such as Tutoring, Rideouts and Social activities. At this point you are not a member of RoSPA. Membership with SaPAR must be renewed annually. Once you are ready to undertake your advanced riding test you must apply to RoSPA for the test and then effectively become a member of RoSPA. This membership also must be renewed annually but covers the cost of the 3 yearly retest and provides a regular copy of RoSPA’s ‘Care On The Road’ magazine. Information and links regarding what is needed can be found in the ‘Tutoring/Test’ page.
Membership Categories Explained

By joining the group as a New Associate Member you agree to actively train for the RoADAR Advanced Riding Test. The Initial Cost of Associate Membership is £50. Knowledge of the following books: ‘The Highway Code’, ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’ & ‘Know your Road Traffic Signs’ are an essential tool to you passing the Advanced Riding test and are available as part of your registration at an additional cost of only £20.00. These can be ordered when you apply for membership. Please note that the cost to renew as an associate member (Not passed an advanced test therefore not a member of RoSPA and not undertaking training) will remain at £50.00. If however you are undertaking training at the time of renewal (as an associate) then the renewal fee will be £20.00. A SaPAR Hi-Viz jacket will be provided on passing your Advanced Riding Test.

If you have already passed the RoADAR test within the last 3 years then you can join the group as a Full Member.The Cost of Full Membership is £20 per year.
To maintain your membership of RoSPA there is an additional current annual fee of £40.00 payable to RoSPA. This annual fee includes your 3 yearly retest.
N.B. You will need to supply details of your current RoSPA Advanced test if applying for Full Membership.

If you have a regular pillion who would like to join the group for social events then they can join for an additional £7.50 per year.

A wide range of clothing is available to purchase by all members via the Members Area>Shop page. This includes Sweatshirts, Rugby Shirts, Fleeces etc. All have the SaPAR logo and are available in navy only.
BMF Membership

SaPAR is an affiliated group with BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation). This will provide SaPAR with a much higher level of insurance for our activities as well as additional benefits for members. These benefits include: discounted Insurance, Euro Plus travel insurance and RAC cover using the discount code provided during membership. SaPAR members can also join BMF with their own membership which provides all of the above benefits plus a quarterly magazine. See their website for more details. www.bmf.co.uk

Other sources for Insurance and relevant benefits are available. Please do your research before purchasing.

Not living in Shropshire or Powys?

There are other RoSPA Advanced Riding groups in the surrounding area. These can be found by using the links in our ‘Other’ menu options above.