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The application form only gathers details that are relevant to SaPAR. We do not hold bank details and we will not pass on your on your details to anyone else.
The Application form is split into 7 small sections which gather information about you, your membership requirements and payment methods. It also asks you to confirm that you understand our ‘Terms and Conditions’ and are happy for us to communicate with you as required.
During the application process you will need to select the type of membership you require, if you want to add a pillion member and if you wish to purchase a set of books at our discounted price. More information about these aspects is detailed in the Membership General Information menu page.
Your membership subscriptions will be taken annually through GoCardless who will remind you when your renewal is due for payment. Should you cease to be a member of SaPAR then this process will be cancelled. It is important to select the GoCardless – Payment button either before or after successfully submitting the Application Form. Your membership cannot be processed unless you have set up the payment with Go-Cardless.
There is a button above to open our Terms & Conditions document in a new tab, please take a few minutes to read and understand them.
Once the form has been received by our Membership Secretary and payment has been confirmed you will receive confirmation of your membership.
Should you have any difficulties, or wish to discuss any aspect of joining please contact us by email on [email protected].
Since SaPAR is an advanced riding group it is a requirement that members will actively seek to train for and pass their Advanced Riding test. As such SaPAR reserve the right not to renew membership for any associate member who has not taken up training for the test within 12 months.
Please note that membership fees are Non-Refundable unless agreed by the committee.
Click for more information about the different membership categories.

Terms & Conditions – including our Privacy/Disclaimer Policy – Last updated: 28th November 2019 At Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders (SaPAR), we’re committed to our members. As well as providing support to all our members, we believe it’s important to protect your privacy.

1.0 Why do we have a privacy policy? We’ll collect certain personal information from you when you become a member. The purpose of our privacy policy is to let you know: • how and why we collect your personal information; • how we use and disclose your personal information (and to whom); • how we protect your personal information; and • how you can access your personal information.
2.0 Changes to our privacy policy If we make any changes to our privacy policy, we’ll post changes on this page. If they’re major changes, then we’ll also send you an email letting you know.
3.0 Dealing with your personal information
3.1 Collecting your personal information What will we collect? The personal information we collect includes your name, email address, postal address, phone number, date of birth and any other relevant information we need in order to provide our services to you. We’ll also track your use of our website through cookies – see section 4 below for more details. When will we collect it? We collect certain personal information from and about you during your sign-up journey to become an SaPAR member, whenever you get in contact with us or use our website or as part of providing our support to you. We may also monitor and record any communications we have with you, including phone calls and emails, to make sure we are providing an excellent service to our members.
3.2 Using your personal information We may use your personal information to: • provide information and updates to you; • remind you that your annual subscription is due; • remind you that your three yearly Advanced Test is due; • inform you of forthcoming events such as the monthly rideout or other social events; Contacting you We’ll always contact you by email, or if the matter is urgent then we will ring you on the number(s) provided
3.3 Disclosing your personal information SaPAR will never disclose your information to any marketing business.
3.4 Protecting your personal information We follow strict security procedures to protect your personal information. This includes following certain guidelines (for example, checking your identity when you phone us). We strongly recommend that you do not disclose any SaPAR login details to anyone. From time to time, our website may provide hypertext links to sites which are created by individuals and companies outside of SaPAR. We do this if the site is relevant to the topic you’re reading about. Whilst we always try to check that the content of these sites is suitable, we cannot take any responsibility for the practices of the companies who publish the sites that we link to, or the accuracy or relevance of the content on them.
3.5 Accessing your personal information You can contact us and ask for a description of any personal information we hold about you, what we’re using it for and who has access to that personal information. You can also ask us to delete or correct personal information we hold about you if it’s wrong. To request personal information, please email [email protected].
4.0 SaPARs use of cookies
4.1 What are cookies? A cookie is a piece of information stored in a small file which is sent to and from web pages. They can be used to identify that you’ve visited websites before and some will be stored on your computer by your web browser. They are anonymous, so they don’t store any personal information of any kind.
4.2 How does SaPAR use cookies? We use cookies to understand how people use our websites and to help us to make your experience of our websites better. SaPARs website We use short-term cookies to recognise your PC as you move around our site. Measuring web traffic We use programs such as Google Analytics to help us find out: • How many people visit our websites. • Which pages and parts are most popular. • How long people spend in each area • What information people are searching for. These insights help us understand how to improve our websites. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information like: • Browser types • Operating systems • Referring sites that sent you to us • The date and time of a visit. If you’d like to know more about Google Analytics click here Advertising Our website does not contain any paid advertisements but does contain links to relative web sites.
4.3 How can you manage cookies and where can you find further information? If you don’t want us to use cookies in your web browser, you can remove them from your computer or change your browser settings so that it either blocks cookies altogether or asks you if you’d like to accept them from some websites. You can also stop us collecting data through the following sources: • Mixpanel – download an opt-out browser add-on – the Mixpanel opt-out browser can be found here; • Google Analytics Advertising Features – visit www.google.com/setting/ads and adjust your personal settings as per their instructions; or • Adometry – follow this link to opt-out of the Adometry cookie: http://js.dmtry.com/optout/status.html; and • Google Doubleclick (for Google Adwords Customer Match) – follow the link to download a plugin so you can opt-out of Google’s advertising cookie on Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer – https://www.google.com/settings/ads/plugin. • FullStory. Follow this link to opt out of FullStory https://www.fullstory.com/optout . You can read FullStory’s privacy policy here: https://fullstory.com/legal/privacy. However, it’s important to remember that some of our cookies are essential for our websites to work properly. The internet industry body, the Internet Advertising Bureau, has set up a website to provide information and advice on cookies, tags and behavioural advertising, you can click here to find out more about behavioural advertising. Another trusted source which gives information about how to delete and control cookies is http://www.aboutcookies.org/.
4.4 Membership fees: Membership fees are paid via GoCardless by direct debit and are to be setup as part of the membership application. You will be reminded by our membership secretary that your membership renewal is due approximately 2 months ahead of renewal. If you cancel your direct debit then your membership with Sapar will cease after the annual membership period has expired. If you choose to leave before your membership has expired then unless there are extenuating circumstances and the committee are in agreement you will not receive a refund of your membership fees.
4.5 Disclaimer: SAPAR are the local RoSPA motorcycle group for Shropshire and Powys – Our aim is to provide advanced motorcycle tutoring up to Gold standard advanced level. Tutoring is provided by RoSPA approved Tutors and is aimed at anyone who is interested in improving the standard of their motorcycle riding. When you ride with SAPAR tutors, or are on a group ride-out, or other SAPAR or RoSPA related activity or event, an absolute condition is that you are responsible for your own riding. You must be in control of your motorbike at all times. Your motorbike must be fully road legal, including insurance, tax, with an MoT if required. You must have a driving licence and insurance valid for the machine that you ride. While advice may be given by SAPAR tutors, it is your decision whether to act on this advice or not. Ensuring safety for yourself and of others is entirely your responsibility. SAPAR, its committee and tutors, and RoSPA will accept no liability for accidents or damage however caused which occur as a result of your riding.
4.6 Declaration: For any riding I do with SAPAR including observed runs and social rideouts, I confirm that I will be held responsible for my own riding and the control of my motorcycle at all times. My motorcycle will be insured, taxed and where necessary have a current MOT and that I hold a current driving licence valid for the machine that I ride. I agree that SAPAR, its committee, tutors, or RoSPA will accept no liability for accidents or damage however caused which occur as a result of my riding. I understand that it is my own responsibility to ride safely, responsibly and within the law

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