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Most of your answers will be found within this website but to help, you could find the content of these FAQ’s useful. Click on any question to reveal the answer and link to the appropriate web page. Many of the answers include links to the relevant pages. Remember to click the ‘Back’ button on the browser to return here if you wish to.
How do I become a SaPAR member?

The Membership General Information page describes the various membership categories and will help you choose the best one for you. The Membership Application page explains the application process and contains a link to the on-line application form.

How much does it cost to join SaPAR?

The membership fees are determined by your riding experience. There are 3 membership categories, Associate, Full and Pillion. Click here for full details. Associate membership is the usual starting point and is appropriate if you have no advanced riding qualifications. Full membership is for those who have passed the RoSPA Advanced test and can provide evidence of a current test pass, and of course Pillion is what it says. Current joining fees are: Associate £50.00, Full £20.00, and Pillion £7.50. Books (if required) are an additional £20.00.
Please note that knowledge of these books (Motorcycle Roadcraft, The Official Highway Code and Know your Traffic signs) is a requirement of an Advanced Riding Test and could affect the result.
Annual Renewal fees paid by DD are: Associate (In or awaiting training) £20.00, Associate (Not wanting to undertake training) £50.00, Full £20.00 and Pillion £7.50.

How do I begin my training?

When you join SaPAR and your application has been processed your details will be sent to our Training Coordinator who will add you to the list of associates requiring tutoring. You will be allocated to the next available tutor in your area. For more details click here.

How much does training cost?

We say that training/tutoring is free and it is, however since all of our tutors give up their time and use their own machines to provide this tutoring then we ask that you help them with their costs at the suggested amount of £10.00 per session.

How long will it take me to become an advanced rider?

It is difficult to put an exact time period to this question. Clearly it will depend on your previous experience, age and ability. It also depends on your commitment to the process. We would like to think that it could be completed with around 10 sessions and within a 4 month time period but of course this would be dependant on your and the tutors availability. After a tutoring session it is necessary for you to practise what was covered during the previous session. It is not helpful if the only riding you do is with the tutor.

How do I apply for my initial Advanced Riding test?

When you and your tutor consider that you are ready for your test you can use this link to apply for the test using the RoSPA website. Once your payment has been processed your application will be sent to the local examiner who will in turn contact you to inform you of the test procedure and make the necessary arrangements. Please note that the RoSPA Advanced Riding Test needs to be retaken (and passed) every 3 years.

How do I apply for an Advanced Riding retest?

To apply for a retest, use the information above but use this link for the retest application form. If you consider that you would benefit from some tutoring sessions before your test then please use the ‘Contact Us’ form (from the ‘Other’ menu option) , select ‘Training/Assessments’ from the recipient list and request some sessions. Our Training Coordinator will make the necessary arrangements for you.

What are the monthly rideouts and can anyone join?

SaPAR hold rideouts on the first Sunday of the month starting from April through to December. Members elect to lead a ride which usually covers between 100 and 160 miles depending on the route and time of year. Lunch and coffee stops are built into the ride and provide an excellent opportunity to meet other members. Members and non members can come along to these rides although we do ask that if non members enjoy the rides that much that they join the group after 3 rideouts. For more general information click here or for dates and times click here. To view details of previous rides click here

Does SaPAR hold any events?

SaPAR do hold occasional social events for members usually dining experiences during the winter months and the odd evening rideout to a pub, for non alcoholic drinks of course and some food. We also get involved with many external events such as Bike4Life and local shows such as the Wistanstow and Forden Bike Shows and the Broseley Festival of Motorcycling. Click for more ‘Whats On‘ information.

How can I know if I am suitable for advanced riding?

All riders can benefit from taking advanced riding tutoring, some more than others but all will benefit. SaPAR hold ‘Meet and Greet’ Assessment days during the year which, completely free of charge, you can attend and ride out with one of our tutors. The tutor will provide unbiased feedback on your riding ability and discuss the methods of tutoring that are available. If you would like an assessment other than one of our planned days then contact the ‘Training Officer’ using the ‘Contact Us’ form selecting ‘Assessments’ to arrange a session. It is important to note that not everybody will achieve a gold grade for the RoSPA Advanced test. However, your life could be saved and your motorcycling become more enjoyable by learning new skills and by using Advanced Riding techniques.

My loved one is purchasing a motorcycle and has passed the basic test. How can I help to keep them safe?

You can purchase a Gift Voucher that can be used as either full or part payment towards membership. The Gift Voucher page provides more detail and pricing options.

Does SaPAR do anything else to help its members?

SaPAR does promote other safety events that are being held locally. Perhaps the most important apart from the advanced tuition are the Biker Down courses which are run in conjunction with other local biking groups and mainly held at local fire stations. These are free courses and demonstrate site safety, helmet removal and basic first aid in the event of an accident. SaPAR is also a member of BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) and our members enjoy benefits such as discounted insurance, RAC breakdown cover and travel insurance.