Rideout Dates & Leaders

2018 Dates

Date Ride Leader
8th April
Ken Swinton
6th May
Paul Davies
3rd June
Phil Noble
1st July
Bill Croxon
5th August
Kevin Fletcher
2nd September
Bob Hayes
7th October
Marion Versluijs
4th November - 10:30 start
Jon Tatton
2nd December - 10:30 start
John Roe

2019 Dates

Date Ride Leader
7th April
Ken Swinton
12th May
Charles Bridegman
2nd June
Alex Hutchinson-Collier
7th July
Stuart McMillan
4th August
Ken Swinton
1st September
Charles Bridgeman
6th October
Alex Hutchinson-Collier
3rd November - 10:30 start
Phil Noble
1st December - 10:30 start
Rob Hall
Proposals for 2020: Bryan Murphy – June

If you fancy leading a ride and wish to fill a vacant slot please let the ride coordinator know. ([email protected])

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